Costco Base - 2018 | 2019

Costco Base was the very first base built by The Last Templar. The base was a true masterpiece with plenty of resources to keep the group going for months. The members of The Last Templar had put in countless hours of work into building and perfecting this base, and they were proud of what they had accomplished. Until one day it was leaked by one of there base members because Salc1 started to make there parking lot bigger.






Argonath - 2019 | 2019

Argonath was founded by the Last Templar on January 21, 2019, after Costco Base was insided. While it was originally intended to be a whole group base, it nonetheless became an exclusive base for high ranking members of the group. It was mostly constructed by King_Aurelius throughout 2019. While there, he built his Arch, Meeting Hall, and Cathedral.

In late 2019, Emperium started a base nearby and its members stumbled upon Argonath. While the two groups initially planned to work together, the members of Last Templar became concerned about so many strangers having access to their base, as well as a variety of related issues, and decided to self-grief it.[2] DopeyXin, King_Aurelius, SalC1, and Zknites self-griefed Argonath November 10, 2022.



New Argonath - 2019 | 2021

The base was constructed over a period of just under 2 years. The majority of the builds (such as the archways, cathedral, and Founders Temple) were designed by King_Aurelius. GSlick built a castle, Jumbo_Warrior built his 'egg dog float', Slamo built his inverted pyramid, Zknites built his airship, among many other builds by a variety of other builders. LaiZBoi, SalC1, and Slamo also helped King_Aurelius build a variety of his builds.







Costco Rebuild Project - 2021 | 2021

In 2021, The Last Templar decided to rebuild Costco Base as a little project. Although it wasn't as well-known as the original, it still held a special place in the hearts of the group's members.



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